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After a grand performance how can he call like nothing was ever wrong. Talked for hours about nothing, making imaginary airplane reservations, the news, the weather...... Just looked at the calendar and noticed that I've only been home a week. Interesting how time feels different. Thinking of a poem and Gene. The man hates to lose anything. Reminded me that as soon as he gets better WE have performance dates in Dayton and Cleveland. I'm still not impressed or excited. My knitting and crocheting is more exciting than that. I have a show to get together by November. He did give me some ideas about that. Oh well, that's life!

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blurry thoughts


Had a great time in Columbus. Went Gene's family reunion in a nice park. Met some new people...Carl and Karen, Rosco (Ricky J) and of course many of the family. Quite a diverse group. I sang On a clear Day for their opening music, with no music. Quite an experience. i was invited to Plain City for their hog roast. That should be fun. Dont remember the date. I hope Gene does.

Did a lot of unpacking at least i helped. Gene gave me his Grandmothers jewlery box and told me to take what i wanted. nothing expensive but it was the gesture that counted. I also asked him for his grandmothers crochet books. He said they belonged to his daughter Melody. I said i would scan them. Tried today but scanner isnt working as it should. Will try again tomorrow.

Very good memories. Will go back next month to sing during the Hot Times Festival. Columbus has lots of festivals. In July I sang during ComFest. Reminded me of our Jazz in the Park so I was comfortable...i was ready.

More memories to come

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blurry thoughts

Hot Times

Getting ready to finish packing for my trip to Columbus Ohio to sing during the Hot Times Festival. I will sing with Gene Walker's band. I am looking forward to having lots of fun and meeting lots of new people. The drive should take about 3-4 hours. My son told me to watch my speed limits because they love to give tickets across the whole state...and you know he knows. I plan to wear my new blouse and my black Capri pants or my white ones. I don't know yet I am taking both. I don't know about my shoes, sandals and take heels, no that sounds like too much. Anyway, I have got to get started and stop this typing. I am also taking some breakfast food and fruit and maybe some snacks. Well, here's to fun and possibly a start on a different project. I hope my kids get never get to old to enjoy your dream. It may not come when you think it should, but it will come one day if you keep your life ready for it.
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New Glasses

Got new glasses tonight, well new lenses. Everything is so much closer and larger. I hope I get accustomed to them soon...or maybe I'm in a hurray. Walking is really a trip because the ground seem so close and it makes me feel so short. But seeing things that are in the distance is very much better...things are clearer not fuzzy around the edges.

I guess they will seem better tomorrow. Even the computer screen is clearer and the small type doesn't seem as small. I guess this is better. I will give it a few days.
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A good why

I don't know why this happens, but every now and then guys I have dated in the past, don't want to date, or want to date but can't, seem to all send out a memo to each other to contact me...or so it seems. They call want to date or some just want to talk to see how I am doing. This is comforting, I guess. To think that they all are still my friends and actually think about me.
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blurry thoughts

The Mirror (the looking glass)

When looking into a mirror, what do you see
Who you are? What you used to be?

Do you see the young face so youthful and strong
or the face that seems to have all but gone wrong
The body so slender and so spry
or the body that has all but gone awry.

When you look into a mirror, what do you see
The past, the future, or what should be

When I look into the mirror, what do I see
I see the lines and wrinkles in spaces
that have replaced the youthful glow of love and grace
I see the inner side of what is today,
where the youth that used to be hides.

I see the outer side that life has carved for me
a new face, another look
a brand new me.